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Empowered Gatherings


  • Weave your Medicine Drum

    Starts Oct 27

    700 Australian dollars

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  • Weave, Create & Nurture

    Starts Oct 25

    300 Australian dollars

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  • Supporting your Gardening needs

    3 hr

    From 200 Australian dollars

    1 hr

    From 120 Australian dollars

We Have One Home


We are a Family of Magical Creatives who Love Spiritual Growth, Sharing the Tools & Offerings that we Gather along the way, while Honouring each of our individual SACRED POINTS of VIEW.

We all have a unique Sacred Essence to share with the world and we believe it takes a Village of support to live our Empowered Passionate Lives.

Values ~ Love, Compassion, Peace, Laughter, Harmony, Truth, Play, Feeling & Expressing our Passion. With a great appreciation & honour of our Earth Mother and the Great Mystery we find ourselves playing in.

Our Chefs


Ashleigh inspired and helped me to find my voice through singing, to bring singing to the everyday, to find singing in small moments, to have an improvised song in me in Spontaneity's moment, to connect me to my truth, to my spirit of joy, to the spirit of the Earth.

Ashleigh helped me find the spirit of song, this helps me find my inner guide and courage.

I used to be shy with singing and felt I "couldn't sing", I was embarrassed about my voice. Then I started to see a brighter light of being and realised that my voice is my Goddess and my Goddess is me, my Truth, my Strength.


Thank you Ashleigh x


Yo Mexy Marina 

When I receive the Medicine of Ashleigh, I receive the Medicine of a Wise Woman connected to the source of Life.


It brings me to my centre, inspiring me to my actions and with a deep feeling of Gratitude.


I receive the pleasure of healthy nutrition

~ in all senses. 


Spirit Mama Amy

Ashleigh is one of the most Extraordinary women I know. She has a heart full of gold and is a true blessing to this world. Her voice is as sweet as the Melodious sound of the beautiful Pied Butcherbird & I love to sing with her.


Ashleigh is a true treasure! 


Danica Rose

Ashleigh Hart is a beautiful divine goddess.

A true gift to Earth.


Sharing her wisdom, story telling, angelic voice, feminine flow, loving, 

nurturing words & actions and her uplifting ways of being.


I feel so blessed to know Ashleigh, creating & manifesting absolute magic, and weaving dream webs of open hearts and expressions of Truth with her. 


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