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Happy Harts
We passionately create Soul Sessions & 
Sacred Space, opening Temple to those who seek truth, claiming their full Self Responsibility

We organise beautiful empowered gatherings, for people to delve deep into the beauty of themselves.


We have regular gatherings for New Moons, Full Moons & the 8 Seasonal Celebrations, and one on one Sessions for Song Healing & Drum Healings.

We have a large list of additional Sessions & offerings, 

facilitating ceremonies & gatherings you dream & wish supported.

Call today & Let us Dream together 0457 937 871

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About Me

I Love Nature, honouring the beauty that is all around and feeling the depth of Gratitude for embodying the gift of life.

I believe that it takes a Village,

and visited hundreds, learning many the medicine ways. I birth beautiful spaces of love upon the Earth, so our children can THRIVE, as this is our birth-rite ~ and our DESTINY.

I spend my life observing the magic, sharing and receiving medicine from all the beautiful people I see, playing & gathering in the gardens, singing with the birds, and dancing with the trees, all with my beautiful babies.

My intention with this site, is to connect & create safe space for people who are navigating the truth that resides within

~ Love all ways ~

Ashleigh Hart

Breathing the Magic of Life.
Passionate about Birth Life Death Cycles


Happy Harts Design Story

Strong Bold Boundary of a flourishing Rose 🌹 The past few years I have learnt a lot about Boundaries, what they are, how to express them and most recently how to hold to them if needed. The logo represents a balance of the Masculine & Feminine within and without. With Strong Boundaries (Masc) the Flow (Fem) can truely flourish.


Happy Harts ~ came to me one day when I realised the depth of courage and practice it takes to be in your Happy state in our Society. Also when the penny dropped that my birth name was Hart and that I had clear guidance to open this space as a beam of pure love for others.

Express your Nature ~ tuning into the wild parts of your soul expression and then feeling safe within your self to allow them to shine.

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