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People & Tribes


Below you will find beautiful family sharing their Medicine Ways

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Ashleigh Hart

Happy Harts

Healing Artist

Sacred Circles, Village Living, Sound Healing, Songstress, Dance for Self, Sacred Sexuality, Garden Beauty, Follow your Bliss


Ili Maria

IM Indigo Shamaness

Wellness Healer

Womens Circles, Holistic Counselling, Shamanic Reiki Healing, Animal Reiki Healing, Guided Meditation, Holistic Remedial Massage and so much more


Beebop King

Sacred Sense Catering

Chef - Nourisher

Delicious Plant based Wholefood & Herbal Elixir Catering & Education. Awaken Connection, Celebrate Ritual & Activate Natural Alchemy Wisdom.


Peta Hood

Can't Stop Staring Natural Photographer

I am Peta, a daydreamer, Mother to 2 beautiful girls, story-teller and creative, natural light photographer




The School of Shamanic Womancraft

Women's mysteries school, a community of women united by a revolutionary impulse for social change and healing.  We create circles of intimacy and belonging

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Zen Thai Shiatsu

Focused Intention Therapy

Blood, Qi and nerves form the foundations of our body’s internal pathways. Qi “the river of life that ensures good health and vitality.

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The Village

Gatherings & Education

Active Co-creation of a New Society in Balance, Peace and Freedom held by Love. Family Camping & Gathering for 4-6 days, every 8 Seasonal Sabbaths each year.

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Taste of Love

Tantra School

We host and run a variety of events supporting people to increase their sense of wholeness, connection to self, earth and others to experience inner peace, love, care and joy.

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The Returning

The Gathering

To Gather, Together

Here at The Returning, we are always wanting to encourage women to return to the land, return to their magic and return to their own stories.

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Happy Flame

Beeswax Candles

Beautiful Local, Handmade candles to nourish your Soul and Spirit of your home. They are true gift to yourself and Mama Gaia. Living by Candlelight is a blessing.

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