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Here are a few of our extra offerings, 

we have an extensive range of teachings,

so please register interest below or connect for custom Bookings,

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Feel Your Self

Dance in your Sacred Essence.

In this Gathering you learn to open and experience the aspects of Your Feminine, Masculine, Magical, Power Animal, Inner Shaman & Spiritual Selfs. Using the magic of Chocolate, Breath, Sound, Music & Dance to embody your truth.

Sacred Pregnancy

Pregnancy and Birth are the most empowering & blissful time of a womans life. To be able to fully enjoy this sacred journey we share the wisdom & information from our elders that has been passed down through generations, which supports you in coming out of fear and into self nurturance & love. The two day Sacred Pregnancy Journey is all about:

  • Sacred Space

  • Expectation & Connection

  • Food & Body

  • Romance & Relationship

  • Fears & Forgiveness

  • Honouring

  • Rites of Passage

  • Sisterhood

Through creative Sister Projects & Circle Talks we will support each other on the most beautiful rite of passage into motherhood.


Some of the Projects we create & learn ~
Silk Painting, Connecting to Nature, Creating Spirit Sticks & Claiming your Pregnancy Power, Exploring Meditation, the importance of Journaling, Crafting, Singing & Dancing with baby, Sacred Rituals & Ceremonies ~ going to the Salt Bowl, how to do Herbal Belly Binds ++

Crafting your own Drum is a powerful process of birthing a shamanic healing tool for personal transformation. The drum is a sacred tool, an instrument of music, and an intimate partner in our soul journey. When you make a drum you enter into a shamanic process of personal healing.

The Medicine Drum carries the Hart Beat of the Earth Mother, who guides, nurtures, supports & loves you on your Sacred Path.

Frame drums are woven through time with humans spirituality. In this Two Day Workshop, you will be held in & co creating safe and sacred space to birth your drum.

Dream Your Drum
Bush & Garden Tours

For 8 years we have been going to peoples lands to teach, learn and plant together. We can come to your land and give you guidance, help you out & you are welcome to come and learn at land we already walk upon regularly.

Subjects we cover

  • Native Edibles

  • Edible Weeds

  • Growing Food ~ Permaculture & Syntrophy

  • Seasonal Management

  • Connection to Nature

  • Resource Management

  • Learning to tend the land, which is our responsibility. Connecting to 

This is a great activity for people big and small as all have an important connection to nature and the cycles of life. 

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